marți, iulie 22, 2008

The Streets - 4th album is ready

From the myspace page of The Streets:
I am working on this at the moment but don't know what it will be called. The biggest song on it, so far, is called 'Everything Is Borrowed'. I know the title sounds like a Kaiser Chiefs song but I promise it will be better than that. This album started off life as parables but then I realised that it might get a bit cheesy so I got rid of the alien song and the devil song and replaced them with more straight up songs. I've pretty much kept my promise that I made to myself not to reference modern life on any of them though which is hard to do and keep things personal at the same time. I am working very very hard "

Also read "SkinnerBlog 18.07.08 - THE ALBUM IS FINISHED!!!" for more details.

We're waiting for the album and hope it will be shipped in Romania too.

A video from the first album, The Streets - Irony of it All :

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