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The Streets - Everything is Borrowed (In stores! 15 September)

Azi, 15 septembrie, apare mult asteptatul album "Everything is Borrowed", semnat The Streets(Mike Skinner). După 7 ani de activiate, Mike Skinner vine cu al patrulea album (după "Original Pirate Material" - 2002, "A Grand Don't Come For Free" - 2004, "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living" - 2006). Deşi albumul conţine doar 11 track-uri, acestea readuc acea calitate oferită de muzica artistului britanic.

Pe pagina oficiala de MySpace, Mike noteză despre aceste album:

"It's the sound of an inner monologue and imagined beach-like new horizons. It has 11 songs on it which, of course, is the number that solves life itself. Not sure whether 11 is in the Fibonacci sequence but it should be"

Track listing

  1. "Everything Is Borrowed"
  2. "Heaven For the Weather"
  3. "I Love You More (Than You Like Me)"
  4. "The Way of the Dodo"
  5. "On the Flip of a Coin"
  6. "On the Edge of a Cliff"
  7. "Never Give In"
  8. "The Sherry End"
  9. "Alleged Legends"
  10. "Strongest Person I Know"
  11. "The Escapist"
Are scoase 2 videoclipuri , la piesele:
1.everything is borrowed (video) you more (video)

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